Summer in full bloom

The Enzian is thriving magnificently as is the cuckoo flower, which stretches towards the brilliant yellow globe of the sun - as do we humans as well. Allow the flowers to lead the way into summer, seductively soft and boisterously colorful. The wide range of activities is refreshing (like walking barefoot through the morning dew): whether you are into hiking, biking, golf, swimming, or simply lazing about on the lawn by the pool or on the balcony ... how glorious the scent of summer all around! Oh, if you could only be here now, enjoying a drink on the terrace - mountain peaks would wink at you, your lungs would be filled with surprisingly fresh air, yes, you would have all the freedom of summer and all the calm in the world …


Biker’s paradise Montafon

The Montafon is a paradise for bikers. The steepest track lures with the most impressive views.

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randonnée pédestre Montafon

Pure hiking pleasure

Flowering meadows, dreamy lakes, forests – the mountains of Silvretta and Rhätikon are like heaven on earth. Be sure you have good footwear for tackling the peaks. The Tschohls and the hiking guides accompany you on high alpine tours as well as on romantic excursions, such as to our mountain cottage.

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Hunting with Stefan

Hunting grounds and fishing waters

Christoph and Stefan Tschohl will gladly accompany our guests who are interested in wildlife observation and game stalking. If you would like to receive information first hand, please send an email to our reception, our hunters will get in touch with you. Good luck!

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Alpenbad Montafon

Cool times

Fun and action, adventure and adrenaline at the “Montafon Activity Park”!

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Golfing in Vorarlberg

How does our chef Holger hold his spoon – with both hands? At wide range? – That’s his secret. In any case, he holds it in such a way that Gault Millau is full of praise: 2 toques and 15 points! Which – translated into the language of golf – corresponds to a handicap of, say, 9!

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Tennis in Montafon

The Montafon tennis center with the ÖTV tennis school is just a 5 minutes’ walk away! Play where the professionals come to warm up, here you’ll find ideal training conditions, new wit and a stronger playing style.

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