The advantages of "Mountain Bike Holidays"

We are a "Mountain Bike Holidays" member and meet the criteria and standards to provide our mountain bike tourists with outstanding benefits which exceed all expectations for the perfect holiday.

"Mountain Bike Holidays" philosophy

Our expert Markus from the Montafon Activity Park accompanies our guests daily on mountainbike tours. He knows what matters and that no single offer covers all demands. As different as people can be, that`s also how different their ideas and expectations of a mountain bike vacation can be. Trained athletes and relaxation seeking bon vivants. Free riders and mountain enthusiasts. Whole families, who are into the sport of biking, and bikers who also do not shy away from the racing bike. Each individual person has their own different preferences on the basis of expectations. Not to mention, the ladies on bikes, who are constantly growing in number and rightly expect their requests be met.

Holiday offers for different interests

The trick is to create the perfect vacation package for different tastes. The "Mountain Bike Holidays" partner hotels are masters in this art, and thus one step ahead of the rest. Theme packages, holiday packages with special services, tours in different levels of difficulty, single trail weeks, technical training, freeride action, marathon training, gourmet enjoyment tours, kids on bikes and so on.

Bike services

Take a look at our great BIKE package offers!

Hotel Montafoner Hof in Schruns / Tschagguns Hotel Montafoner Hof in Schruns / Tschagguns Hotel Montafoner Hof in Schruns / Tschagguns Hotel Montafoner Hof in Schruns / Tschagguns

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