Pictures of the 1st Ski hunting World Championship 2011

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Eröffnung Montafonerhof
Opening Montafonerhof

Gasthof Löwen
Thursday Löwen

Freitag Jagdschiessen Bürserschlucht
Friday Jagdschiessen


Samstag Rennen Golm
Saturday Race Golm

Samstag Preisverteilung Montafonerhof
Saturday awards ceremony

Press information



"The hunt is over" - the first world champion in ski hunting has been crowned

Perfect weather and accident-free - participants and organizers are enthusiastic


122 hunters from five nations participated in the first hunting and skiing championships in Montafon. With fantastic weather and almost summery temperatures, the hunters compared their talents in skiing and shooting upon the "Anita Wachter" world cup track. Newly crowned world champions Tanja Mäser from Schruns and Heinz Hagen from Lustenau brought both championship titles to Vorarlberg (A).

"The idea of bringing the beauty of the Montafon closer to hunters was brought to life over a year ago by an ambitious team of hunters and sportsmen," says Gertrude Tschohl, regarding the origin of this event. After more than a year of preparation, the launch of the first Hunters Ski Championships took place on Thursday with an official welcome from the Schruns-Tschagguns Tourism Board and the organizing team, as well as from county Jägermeister Dr. Ernst Albrich at the Montafoner Hof in Tschagguns. Apart from the shooting event in the wild and romantic Bürser gorge, the "ladies’ programme" was Friday’s further highlight. The four-time and reigning national champion in shooting, Kornelia Scheffknecht from Krumbach, won the ladies’ challenge. Heinz Hagen, also national champion, triumphed against the competition in the men’s challenge. The best shooters were allowed to immortalize themselves on the glory disc, sponsored by Toyota Ellensohn. Heinz Grass (CH) won this sought after piece.

Social programme

That hunters are sociable and like to celebrate, was clearly demonstrated during the relaxed evening events. On Saturday, the day of the challenge, the hunters and hostesses were conducted to the ski area in style, where refreshments already awaited them in the gondola, accompanied by a short briefing about the procedure. At the race, each participant had to complete two rounds, with a stopover, where they had to shoot at a round target disc. It was not the fastest hunting skier which won, but rather the one who achieved the best difference in his own time and was able to shoot the most targets. The complex evaluation kept things interesting until the very end. Tanja Mäser (A) won the title for the ladies while Heinz Hagen (A) took home the men’s title. Main head of racing, Rainer Salzgeber, decided to keep the driver’s class title for himself, and in the team standings, team "Berghöfler" (Dominik Düngler, Mario Salzgeber, Jürgen Raich, Roman Tagwercher) were a great success.

Sensational prizes

In addition to the coveted main prize, there was also a brand new Blaser R 8 hunting rifle, as well as plenty of game and merchandize to be won. The winning team can be especially pleased with the new Head skis produced specially for this event. World champion Tanja Mäser, of the OK Team, presented her prize to be raffled among all participants: Edi Wiesflecker (A) is now the proud owner of the new Blaser rifle. "We could not have asked for a better premier of the Hunters Ski Championships, it was sensational," said Tanya Mäser and Gertrude Tschohl, warmly expressing their thanks to all participants and volunteers.

All results are also available on the website

Hunters Ski World ChampionshipsHunting AttireHunters Ski World Championships Ceremony
Tanja Mäser (A) and Heinz Hagen (A) are the 2011 world champions in ski-hunting Clothed in hunting attire and with plenty of style, the participants started into the race.

At the awards ceremony, great excitement could be felt in the air.



Hunters (Ladies)
1. Tanja Mäser (AUT), Team Kaiseroberjäger
Ski-hunting World Champion
2. Kornelia Scheffknecht (AUT), Team Balzplatz 1
3. Susanne Reisch (AUT), Team Kitzbühler Streif-Schützen

Hunters (Men)
1. Heinz Hagen (AUT), Team Kaiserjäger
Ski-hunting World Champion
2. Christian Kendlbacher (SUI)
3. Marc Maute (GER), Team Älbler Marksmen

Team Ranking
1. Berghöfler (Dominik Düngler, Mario Salzgeber, Jürgen Raich, Roman Tagwercher)
2. The 4 Helvetier (Marcel Stalder, Hans Peter Tscharner, Gian-Reto Kobler, Andi Rominger)
3. Brandner „glacier goats“ (Eugen Nigsch, Alwin Beck, Wolfgang Beck, Herbert Meyer)

Drivers' Class
1 Rainer Salzgeber (AUT), Team Kaiserjäger
2 Anna Meixner (AUT)
3 Wachter Anita (AUT), Team Blaser

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