Our holiday homes
Golmer house, mountain house or country house?


Our Golmerhaus

A mountain house with all the modern comforts in the very midst of the Alps. Grandly situated at an altitude of 1.650 m above sea level, the Golmer house has a typical "mountain cottage" feel – just that it’s much more comfortable.

The perfect place for clubs, groups and families to gather (max. 40 persons), it’s even an ideal location for all types of business meetings.

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Mountain houses

Maisäss Bartholomäberg

Romantic, sunny, incredibly calm–simply rustic: situated at 1,450 m above sea level on the Bartholomäberg mountain just above the "sunny balcony of the Montafon".

Breathtaking views of the majestic mountains of the Rätikon. Dreamlike days for up to 5 persons!

Maisäss Bartholomäberg

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Maisäss Gauertal

The Gauertal valley is a jewel nestled in the breathtaking nature of Vorarlberg - and the "Three Towers" are among the most beautiful valley endings in the western Alps! At the entrance to this valley is where you can enjoy unforgettable days in our mountain home at 1,210 m above sea level.
A real mountain experience for up to 8 persons.

Maisäss Gauertal

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Country houses

Bärenwald country house

It’s a hit! A splendid holiday in a spacious holiday apartment of the pretty country house (900 m above sea level) in St. Gallenkirch / Galgenul: an entire floor of serenity and comfort with all the trimmings.
Relaxing holidays for 4 to 10 persons.

Landhaus Bärenwald

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Rappakopf country house

This exclusive country house, situated above Tschagguns at 850 m above sea level, boasts a generous and exceptional location and facilities. Available as a second home for long term summer stays!
Can accommodate up to 10 persons.

Landhaus Rappakopf

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