The Montafon winter hit

The Montafon winter hit

Friday, 13.12.2013 to Sunday, 06.04.2014

Top offer for 7 days incl. half board

  • 7 day gourmet half board, menus with your choice of meals, buffets
  • Join us for an aperitif and culinary tour through our hotel kitchen
  • In-house musical performances
  • Live music for dancing and entertainment
  • Skiing with Stefan
  • 6 day ski pass for the whole Montafon ski resort (64 lifts)
  • Hotel-owned free ski bus shuttle, which picks you up from the lifts
  • Arrival and departure day of your choice

Carefree Fun on the Slopes
... even your car can relax during this vacation, while our free shuttle bus service takes you on a relaxed ride from the hotel to the ski resorts in Golm and Hochjoch – and back, of course!


Top offer for 7 days
incl. half board - rates are in Euro per person
Fit throughout the winter
Snow-star winter
Pure winter
Single room
19 m²
with 6 day ski pass995,-1.123,-1.269,501.374,50
 without ski pass875,-931,-1.057,-1.162,-
Double room
29 m²
with 6 day ski pass939,-1.074,-1.217,501.318,50
 without ski pass819,-882,-1.001,-1.106,-
Double room
38-40 m²
with 6 day ski pass1.002,-1.137,-1.276,501.381,50
 without ski pass882,-945,-1.064,-1.169,-
Double room appartement 
48 m²
with 6 day ski pass1.093,-1.228,-1.376,501.472,50
 without ski pass973,-1.036,-1.155,-1.260,-
Swiss pine room
29 m²
with 6 day ski pass1.037,-1.193,-1.332,501.437,50
 without ski pass917,-1.001,-1.120,-1.225,-
Swiss pine room
42 m²
with 6 day ski pass1.107,-1.256,-1.402,501.500,50
 without ski pass987,-1.064,-1.190,-1.288,-
Guesthouse appartement 
42-46 m²
Guesthouse SR
19 m²
with 6 day ski pass813,-969,-1.129,501.241,50
 without ski pass693,-777,-917,-1.029,-